About Us

Our Core Values

  • Excellence
    Deliver “wow” through service
  • Fun
    Do what we love & love what we do with passion
  • Family
    Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Relationships
    Build open & honest relationships with communication
  • Open minded
    Be creative and open to new ideas and change
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Our Service Standards

  1. Lead by example
  2. Always reply to all communications within 24 hours
  3. We are always “on the stage” and act accordingly
  4. Demonstrate a positive “can do” attitude at all times
  5. Are creative and innovative in our approach to helping clients succeed
  6. Greet and farewell everyone by name with eye contact and a smile
  7. Clients will be completely delighted with what I do, and how I do it
  8. Always live and demonstrate the values of the business

Why Choose Spectrum Accountants?

Because we actually return calls & emails

A common complaint in the accounting industry is that accountants are hard to get hold of, or simply don’t return calls or emails. We believe that communication is key, and that’s why we will return your call or email.

Because we provide value, not a ticking clock

Rather than the traditional way of billing when the job is done for how long it I took us, before we start any project for you we will let you know what we will be doing and what your investment will be. This means that there’s no surprise bills.

Because we're organised

And we like to communicate with you! Spectrum Accountants communicates with you on a regular basis with emails, Facebook and other social media updates, calendars, newsletters and important reminders.

Because we know our stuff

Our accountants are all degree qualified with either CA or CPA status, with most with at least 10 years experience. Our administration team also have a plethora of degrees and qualifications between them. And with ongoing professional development, you can rest assured we’re more than capable of doing the job and providing the right advice.

Because we have the same goal as you - your success

A great sense of pride is placed on keeping our valued clients long term, and our greatest compliment is the referrals we are regularly sent from our clients.

Because we have the tools of the trade

Spectrum Accountants are your partners in business helping you manage, grow and improve. We offer a range of handy checklists, tools & other resources to make the financial side of your business easier

Meet The Team

Our team are here to help you to deliver strategic, structural and taxation advice to help you grow your business.


Aaron Jones

Partner & CA


Clinton Bosworth

Partner & CA


Renee Brimelow

Partner, B.Bus (Mktg, Mmgt), Dip F.S (Financial Planning), C.Dec


Angela Bosworth

Senior Accountant, CA


Anita Daley

Senior Accountant, CA


Kristi Lasker

Administration Assistant


Lisa Murphy

Accountants Assistant Xero Certified

The Big Picture People

Our team of accountants work with you to deliver tailored solutions to achieve the business success you desire.